Welcome to our new blog! Mind Commerce is celebrating twenty years in business with more than a new blog as we launch our new website. We hope you will like the new look and feel. We believe you will also find it easier to navigate with more engaging content.

Visit the new Mind Commerce website frequently for engaging content including analyst viewpoints, commentary from experts and industry leaders, and more!

We encourage you to come back regularly and look for new content on a regular basis. For example, we encourage visits to read our new series of Mind Commerce Insights pages, which start with four great topics: (1) Business Automation, (2) Edge Computing, (3) Industrial Evolution, and (4) Programmable Telecom.

New Mind Commerce Website, Branding, and Blog

There are always good reasons for transformation, and for Mind Commerce, we found that one of the most important things to change at the current time is our online presence. We encourage you to read below to learn more about what is new and what this means to our clients, partners, and the media. We have more great things coming for the remainder of 2018 and beyond, so stay tuned!

New Mind Commerce Website

A more modern and easy on the eyes website is one thing, but compelling reasons visit the site frequently is our desire. Our website is intended to be more than an online store for our syndicated ICT reports. Our desire is to provide a resource for ICT industry professionals as well as anyone with a vested interest in digital technology, solutions, products, and services.

New Mind Commerce Branding

We made a change from our old color style of green and white to more bold and engaging shades of blue with golden highlights.

We also changed our logo to reflect a more modern look.

Mind Commerce Logo

New Mind Commerce Logo (Copyright Mind Commerce)

Old Mind Commerce Logo

Old Mind Commerce Logo (Copyright Mind Commerce)

New Integrated Mind Commerce Blog

Unlike the old Mind Commerce blog, our new one is tightly integrated with the website. In addition to a common look-and-feel, we believe this will make it much easier for readers to navigate to content on the website.

The previous Mind Commerce has been sunset. We encourage followers of the old blog to sign-up to follow the new blog.

Mind Commerce plans to cover many topics in the new blog, many of which will focus on our research practice areas that relate to both ongoing syndicated ICT reports as well as topics that are of interest to past clients and prospective new customers.

For example, Mind Commerce is committed to ongoing coverage of the issue of unwanted call management and robocall detection. In this domain, we will cover regulatory issues, market issues (such as impact on service providers and their customers) and opportunities (such as the market outlook for vendors), and the specific technologies and solutions involved.

Are you interested in the robocall management and unwanted call solutions?

Is there a specific blog topic you wish for us to cover? Contact us to discuss.

What else is New at Mind Commerce?

Read the below to learn more about what is new at Mind Commerce including some of our latest custom research and studies as well as recent syndicated ICT reports. The below items represent just a small sampling of some of our latest work. Do you need a special study? Contact us to discuss your requirements. We will arrange a no-cost, initial discussion as a prerequisite to a proposal.

AI in North America Whitespace Analysis

Mind Commerce recently conducted custom ICT research for a major global ICT vendor that was interested in the Artificial Intelligence market in the United States. We conducted a “White Space” analysis for this customer. This research included identification of who is doing what with AI in North America (with an emphasis on the United States) by company, technology, and specific solutions/problems solved (e.g. application/service and what it does for the market/customer).

This custom ICT research focused on the Current AI Landscape, AI Ecosystem Analysis (Underserved Markets, Unserved Markets, Emerging Opportunities, Technology and Solution Gaps), and specific AI Opportunity (Incremental, New Markets, New Business Models, and Longer Term Considerations) conclusions and recommendations for the client.

Does your company need custom ICT research? Contact us to discuss.

Assessment of Unwanted Call Management Solutions

Mind Commerce recently conducted a custom ICT industry study focused on Unwanted Call Management and Robocall detection. This study involved testing and validation of three different vendor solutions.

One of the areas studied is the ability of each solution to identify telephone numbers by type (normal, robocall, telemarketer, spammer, scam/fraud, etc.) and to alert end-users with an advisory upon receipt of an incoming call.

Does your company need a special ICT industry study? Contact us to discuss.

Latest Syndicated ICT Reports

In addition to custom ICT research and studies provided to clients on a contract basis, Mind Commerce also provides syndicated ICT reports to the general marketplace. Our practice is primarily focused upon emerging and disintermediating ICT technologies such as 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things. However, we also offer a considerable number of reports that cover a wide variety of other topic areas.

Some of our latest ICT reports include:

  • Telecom API Market Outlook and Forecasts 2018 – 2023
  • Global Wearable Technologies: Devices, Applications, and Services Market 2018 – 2023
  • Smart Machines in Enterprise and Industrial IoT: Market Outlook and Forecasts 2018 – 2023
  • Smart Pill Delivery, Monitoring, and Diagnostics: IoT enabled Medicine and 3D Printing enabled Drug Delivery 2018 – 2023
  • Asset Tracking Market by Technology, Connection Type, Mobility, Location Determination, and Industry Verticals 2018 – 2023

The above list is a very small portion of the reports we offer.

Interested in a particular ICT report or have a specific title in mind? Contact us to discuss.

Where to Learn More about Mind Commerce

Read the below to learn more about the major sections of the Mind Commerce website. We welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you. Let us know if there is something on the site that you like and/or if there is anything you would like to see that we have not yet added.

Mind Commerce Services

More than just an ICT report provider, Mind Commerce offers a few very important research related services. Our comprehensive telecom and IT research practice allows us to offer a few highly complementary services: Consulting, Data Tracker, Forecasts, Research, and Subscriptions. These services are available on an “ala carte” basis or as a comprehensive support package.

Contact us for an initial discussion so that we can learn more about your needs.

Mind Commerce Reports

Visit the Reports section of the website to learn more about our syndicated ICT reports. We have grouped our reports by category for ease of navigation, which includes the following topics: Applications & Services, Artificial Intelligence, Automation & Robotics, Computing, Data & Analytics, Devices & UI, ICT Infrastructure, and Internet of Things.

Are you interested in a particular topic and do not see it listed? Is there a specific report area of interest to your organization? Contact us to inquire about our research plans.

Mind Commerce Media Support

We are very open to contact from the media including public relations firms, ICT news outlets/portals, and event coordinators such as ICT tradeshows and seminars. Mind Commerce is a regular supporter to the media with quotations, insights, and content. We also promote and attend select events.

To learn more, visit our Media page or contact us to schedule a discussion or briefing.

Where to Look for More Mind Commerce Content

Mind Commerce Insights

The new Mind Commerce website covers emerging and disruptive technology in our Insights pages. Current topics covered include: (1) Business Automation, (2) Edge Computing, (3) Industrial Evolution, and (4) Programmable Telecom.

Visit these pages to gain general information about a given topic as well as specific technologies, solutions, and analyst views into the market outlook for products and services. Mind Commerce also provides predictions, forecasts, and other insights.

Future ICT Technology and Solutions Topics

Mind Commerce plans to offer additional Insights content covering a wide range of topics. Some of these areas will be client-directed. As always, views posted are our own, as we will always maintain our independent voice as a thought leader.

Are you interested in Mind Commerce providing coverage of a particular topic? Contact us to discuss.