Payment Options

Major Credit Card

  • Mind Commerce accepts all major credit cards. Clients may make secure online payments, via secure fax, or over the phone.
  • Client will receive their order immediately upon credit card payment validation.
  • Clients may make a one-time payment via Guest Checkout or establish an Account for ease of future payments.

Issue a Purchase Order

  • Clients may issue a corporate Purchase Order (PO) via email or fax to initiate a research order.
  • Upon receipt of a valid company PO, Mind Commerce will dispatch the research ordered immediately.
  • Subsequent payment to Mind Commerce may be via ACH, bank (wire) transfer, or check.
  • Make sure to include the following information in the PO:
    • Purchase Order (PO) number
    • Indication on the PO of report(s) desired
    • Pricing for each report requested
    • Contact name and information (phone number and email) of person(s)
      • To receive research report(s)
      • Responsible for receiving an Invoice from Mind Commerce
      • Responsible for marking payment to Mind Commerce

Prepayment Option

  • Mind Commerce offers a highly advantageous prepayment option. Once paid, credit is available on account to use as required.
  • Why prepay Mind Commerce?
    • An attractive alternative for companies that have budget to spend, but do not currently know what research they need.
    • This is also an option for Mind Commerce Subscription clients and/or those who wish to procure a bundle of reports.
  • Special Advantages to Mind Commerce Prepaid Clients
    • Special Offers: Mind Commerce occasionally offers special pricing terms for prepaid customers
    • Report Customization: Prepaid customers receive a degree of research customization at no charge
    • Secure Access to Future Research: Exclusive access to the Mind Commerce report plans and research calendar

Check, ACH, or Wire

  • Mind Commerce accepts payment via an electronic or physical check, which may be drawn from client’s bank account or as a Bank Check or Certified Check
  • Once the check is cleared, Mind Commerce will provide research ordered. If Mind Commerce is in receipt of a valid PO, we will release research prior to a check clearing.
  • We also receive payment via electronic transfers from a bank account such as ACH or bank (wire) money transfer.
  • As with a check, Mind Commerce will provide research ordered once electronic transfer has cleared our account.


  • Some customers prefer to pay via their PayPal account and may do so by remitting to the Mind Commerce PayPal account.
  • Once the PayPal payment has cleared, Mind Commerce will provide research ordered.