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What We Do

Mind Commerce is an information services company. Focused exclusively on the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry, we are a trusted provider of research and strategic analysis focused on Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT).

Analysis, insights, data and forecasts for the ICT / TMT Industry

Mind Commerce services include syndicated (off-the-shelf), exclusive, and customized research, as well as related consulting and training.

  • Our research and reports provide key trends, projections, and in-depth analysis for infrastructure, platforms, devices, applications, services, emerging business models and opportunities.
  • Our reports also identify and evaluate threats and opportunities associated with disruptive innovation and emerging business models.

Mind Commerce customers may procure single reports, which are typically provided in digital format such as a PDF. However, many customers choose the subscription service option, which has many benefits including multiple reports at a fraction of the cost of single reports, online access, client advisory and alerts, custom research and consulting.

In addition to research reports, Mind Commerce also provides briefings and special studies for eligible clients.

Our Research Practice Areas

Mind Commerce practice areas are directed at the ongoing transformation within communications, applications, content, and commerce.

The ICT ecosystem is perpetually challenged with the need to make decisions about emerging technologies that present both threats and opportunities to existing and new lines of business. Mind Commerce research identifies and evaluates threats and opportunities associated with disruptive innovation and emerging business models for the ICT / TMT industry.

While our research practice covers a relatively wide range of ICT / TMT topics, we maintain a concentrated focus on certain key emerging and highly disruptive technology areas including Artificial Intelligence, Broadband, Computing, Data Management and Analytics, Immersive Technologies, and the Internet of Things.

Our Research Answers Key Questions

Some of the biggest challenges to the ICT / TMT ecosystem include understanding the impact of technologies upon industry verticals, identifying which solutions should be implemented, how and why.

Our reports, data, and insights provide a great depth of knowledge into new and disintermediating technologies, evolving business models, transforming market needs and emerging opportunities.

Examples of answers we provide for customers include the following:

  • Mind Commerce identifies the types of solutions that will be in demand across industry verticals and the associated economic impacts across the value chain.
  • Mind Commerce assesses market opportunities for emerging and evolving technologies and identifies future market needs for solutions.
  • Mind Commerce identifies anticipated technology convergence areas, evolution of feature functionality, and the impact on existing ecosystems.

Who We Are

In business for over twenty years, Mind Commerce is an information service company, focused on providing research exclusively for and about the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) / Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) industry.

Mind Commerce has deep roots within the ICT / TMT industry. We are connected and constantly seeking to understand the challenges and opportunities today and coming within the next four to five years.

Knowing that valuable research facilitates good decision making, we leverage our knowledge, expertise, connections, and processes to deliver high value to our clients.

Mind Commerce Research Process

Our business practice starts with internal strategy and planning to identify key areas of focus, placing special emphasis upon emerging and disruptive technologies such as:

  • 5G technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Immersive technologies
  • Next generation computing
  • Robotics and automation

Once we identify focus areas, our research practice engages in the following steps:

  • Gather data from many sources and compare to our own ever-growing knowledge base of quantitative data and qualitative information
  • Conduct analysis based on new data, check against our own measures, and seek outside validation when necessary to vet findings and develop informed conclusions
  • Develop fact-based opinions and produce informed guidance and recommendations for our reports and other research offerings

This process is circular and cyclical as we start from the beginning when we gather new information that challenges preconceived ideas and we also compare those conclusions to business cycles such as technology innovation and adoption curves.

Mind Commerce as Knowledge Transfer Agent

Recognizing that data and syndicated reports alone is sometimes not enough, Mind Commerce also provides consultation and custom research.

Mind Commerce is a highly valued knowledge transfer agent for our clients

We measure this goal against our ability to be highly informative through useful findings and valuable insights that our customers rely upon for their own strategies and business plans.

Mind Commerce Analysts and Associates

Mind Commerce analysts and associates have backgrounds covering virtually every aspect of telecom and IT including:

Radio Systems  ■  Switching Systems  ■  Signaling and Control  ■  Transmission/Transport  ■  Application Development  ■  Network Operations and Support

Mind Commerce analysts and associates have also worked within a broad array of ICT business types including:

Network operators  ■  Infrastructure providers  ■  Managed services companies  ■  Software development companies  ■  Consulting and professional services  ■  Training and corporate learning providers

Mind Commerce analysts and associates have also held many roles within ICT companies including:

Company founder  ■  C-level and Executive Management  ■  Director  ■  Senior Manager  ■  Principle Engineer

In addition, our analysts and associates have worked within many functional roles including:

Marketing and Sales  ■  Product Management  ■  Network Planning and Engineering  ■  Corporate Strategy and Development

Featured Analysts and Associates

Mind Commerce works with experts and thought leaders within our core research coverage areas.

Often quoted in the media, our ICT practitioners are also frequently sought for their opinions and insights in support of client’s business objectives. This includes assistance with technology evaluation, solution assessment, and business plan analysis.

Below is a selection of some of our featured analysts and associates.

John W. Bysinger | Senior Industry Analyst
About John W. Bysinger

John Bysinger began his career as a Manufacturing Systems Engineer for Reynold’s Metals developing computerized quality control and maintenance applications and deploying them in the manufacturing environment. This led him to early expertise in systems administration, database, web technology and networking both wired and wireless for companies such as Boeing and Microsoft.

He has over 20 years of experience architecting enterprise scale wireless networks for AT&T, T-Mobile and ClearWire with a focus on the core data network technology spanning the full evolution from CDPD over TDMA and beyond LTE Advanced to early 5G testing. John has been providing consulting, technical writing and market analysis through GLG, Guidepoint, Mind Commerce and his own consulting practice for more than a decade. Most recently John has been involved in business development, marketing and industry analysis as a founder of a startup focused on new power systems for the growing electric vehicle market.

Brian J. Dooley | Senior Industry Analyst
About Brian J. Dooley

Mr. Dooley is an award-winning author, analyst, and journalist with more than 35 years’ experience analyzing and writing about trends in Telecommunications and IT. He has undertaken projects for many of the major analyst firms, including Gartner, IDC, Cutter Consortium, PwC, Springboard (Forrester), and TNS. His corporate clients include a diverse range of hardware and software companies with wide-ranging requirements.

Mr. Dooley has been a board member for educational institutions and research firms. He has been both a Senior Analyst with Datapro (Gartner), and a Senior Technical Writer for Unisys and Okidata. Brian has also been a communications instructor, a software developer, radio talk show host, and an entrepreneur.

Cyril Matthews | Senior Industry Analyst
About Cyril Matthews

Cyril Matthews is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience serving in key global management, marketing, sales and business development roles at a variety of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies including AT&T, Amdocs, and Harris Corporation as well as at venture-funded start-ups.

In addition to his ICT market analysis experience, Mr. Matthews has been a frequent presenter to customers, industry groups, media influencers and other stakeholders to accomplish industry-changing solutions. In addition to producing syndicated research and analysis, Mr. Matthews develops custom research and also delivers related speeches, seminars, and executive briefings to clients, industry panels, and professional groups.

Eric Rock | Senior Industry Analyst
About Eric Rock

Eric has over 20 years’ experience in developing key relationships with the top telecom carriers, innovating products and running product organization. Before joining Mind Commerce Eric held Account Management and Product positions at VeriSign (NASDAQ: VRSN) and Illuminet.

Eric played a critical role in Illuminet’s ability to take the company public in 1999 and in the eventual sale of the company to VeriSign for $1.2 billion in 2001. Eric is an industry recognized leader. He’s held elected chair positions on national industry forums, and he was a founder of a National Telecom Working Group (identity verification).

Kyle Crawford | Senior Industry Analyst