Our Customers
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Our Customers

Mind Commerce customers represent a wide range of organizations, largely within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ecosystem including: technology vendors, enterprise, government agencies, and NGOs.

Organizations that Purchase Mind Commerce Reports

platforms/hardware/software providers  ■  network operators  ■  service providers  ■  application developers  ■  network integrators  ■  device manufacturers  ■  semiconductor providers  ■  computing and AI companies

Professionals Who Rely upon Mind Commerce Reports

executives ■  directors ■  managers ■  research and marketing ■  product management ■  business development ■  corporate development ■  strategic planning ■  enterprise librarians ■  investors ■  board members

Customers By Type

Mind Commerce customers range from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. Since our inception, we have served over 700 unique customers including service providers, technology suppliers, developers, industry organizations, government agencies, and the financial community.

Mind Commerce research and reports answer key questions for our customers, such as:

Government and NGOs
  • What R&D areas should we be funding and why?
  • What technologies are emerging in which we should focus our attention?
  • What should our government be investing for the future of our country?
Developers (Communications, Applications, Content, and Commerce)
  • What should be developed and why?
  • How do our solutions compare to others?
  • How is the competitive landscape developing?
  • What changes in hardware and software will affect our development?
  • What service providers should we target for service realization and why?
  • What is the future of communications, applications, content, and commerce?
Service Providers
  • How is technology evolving?
  • What is the market outlook and potential?
  • What services should be offered and why?
  • How is the competitive environment evolving?
  • What disruptive innovation will change my business?
Technology Providers
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis
  • How can I best position my technology/solutions for sales success?
  • How does my technology/solution compare to others (Comparative Analysis)?

Customer Testimonials

“The Mind Commerce Telecom API reports have been helpful to us, offering a unique view of the market forecast. Instead of providing a single revenue forecast for the API market, they have created a model that provides us (Ribbon Communications) with enhanced visibility into the value of our Kandy Platform (CPaaS/UCaaS). The model examines the ecosystem surrounding APIs and then distributes the forecast across the entire ecosystem including owners/aggregators, web/enterprises, and carriers. The model also provides guidance on how respective ecosystems change for various vertical markets and applications.”

Michael Cooper, Director, Analyst Relations and Competitive Intelligence, Ribbon Communications

“Mind Commerce fills a gap in the technology research landscape, covering many emerging and growth segments in the telecoms and IT sector that are not or not yet on the agenda of the larger analyst firms.”

“Mind Commerce represents an independent voice and its opinions are not swayed by its customers’ marketplace position, how much they spend, or any other conflicts of interest.”

“Mind Commerce provides in-depth information on a variety of technology related subjects including IoT Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Commerce, Virtual Reality and other places where technology intersects with traditional industries. This has been a very valuable addition to our resources.”