Robocall Technology

What is a Robocall? A robotic call (or “robocall”) is a telephonic communication instance in which a machine originates a voice call intended for a human being to answer. The machine in this case is a robocall technology platform consisting of hardware and software designed to automate call set-up in a manner in [...]

ICT Infrastructure and Services: Toll Free Calling

ICT database infrastructure is relied upon every time a person dials a toll-free number. For example, when someone dials the Mind Commerce number 877-646-3266, a telecom database is queried to allow switching systems to route the call. Information is sent from the database to the switch in response to the query to allow for call set-up with a different “routable” number that is associated with the toll-free number. This is necessary as switching networks do not recognize toll-free numbers as a number with a valid routing path.