ICT Consulting Services

As a complement to our research services, Mind Commerce provides flexible and customizable consulting services. Clients may choose from a range of options including one-time engagement, support for duration of a project, or retention of a dedicated consultant for a defined period of time.

Mind Commerce consulting services supplement our research in many ways such as a deeper dive into an area covered in a client-purchased syndicated ICT report or special study in one of our practice areas.

With our knowledge transfer approach, clients may combine consulting with other services such as custom research and expert support in defined topic areas. For example, a client may need a special study as well as a webinar on Artificial Intelligence integration with apps and services.

Combined Research and ICT Consulting

Many Mind Commerce reports at the Global Site License (GSL) level include consulting time over the phone at no additional charge. This is a valuable addition to your research purchase as Mind Commerce will answer your specific questions about disruptive technologies and solutions such as 5G, AI, IoT, and more.

Project Specific ICT Consulting Complements Market Research

Sometimes an off-the-shelf report is not enough. Syndicated market research reports are typically written for a relatively wide audience, providing great breadth of coverage. However, they do not always provide sufficient depth of analysis necessary for a given corporate project, initiative, strategy or plan formulation.

Accordingly, Mind Commerce provides customized ICT consulting and research services for our clients. Our services include the following:

  • Benchmarking Studies
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Sizing and Forecasting
  • Partner and End-user Analysis
  • Technology and Pricing Assessment
  • Market Entry and Assessment Studies
  • New Product Development and Portfolio Optimization

Examples of Mind Commerce project deliverables include:

  • Additional research on the same or related topic of purchased report
  • Presentation slide deck for upper management, investors, suppliers, etc.
  • Technology, solution, and/or business opportunity focused Webinars
  • Topic based informative or persuasive ICT white papers

Ongoing ICT Consulting Services

Some client needs go beyond a specific project. Mind Commerce offers ongoing ICT consulting services on a contract basis. Mind Commerce provides expert advice and recommendations based on your unique requirements for various projects such as:

  • Technology Assessment
  • Market, Business, and Product Analysis
  • Vendor Selection and Negotiation

Mind Commerce can also fill the role you need that cannot currently be staffed internally.

Mind Commerce Knowledge Transfer Services

For some customers, Mind Commerce acts as a knowledge transfer agent, providing a combination of research, consulting, training, and/or advisory services. These services are provided on either per-project or retainer basis.

Does your company need more than just research, consulting, or training?

For some organizations, a more holistic approach involving a combination of research, consulting, and corporate instruction are needed to meet more complex and comprehensive needs. Mind Commerce will customize the right combination, weighting, and timing of services for your company.

In addition, our Knowledge Center subscription service provides organization-wide rights to the use of content from our entire catalog of reports, forecasts, data, and information.

Why Mind Commerce ICT Consulting Services?

Unlike many of our competitors, Mind Commerce focuses exclusively on the ICT industry and the technologies and solutions that benefit other industry segments. With an ICT-only practice, we have experts that will address your unique needs, whether it is answering pressing questions, or providing data and insights necessary for business success.

We offer a variety of options to deliver exclusive, proprietary services within often demanding budgetary constraints. For example, our syndicated report, ICT Infrastructure, Platforms, Software, and Services: Trend Analysis, Market Outlook, and Forecasts for 2016 and Beyond, was developed as a derivative report from a subset of findings for a specific client custom project, which we held under embargo for a period of time based on our agreement. This enabled a lower cost engagement to deliver what the client needed while staying within budget.

Partner with Mind Commerce for ICT Consulting Services

Mind Commerce occasionally partners with leading consulting and research firms. For example, Mind Commerce has partnered with Eogogics for training and Compass Intelligence to jointly produce strategic research and consulting services for carriers, technology providers, developers, systems integrators and consultants in the IT and telecommunications industry.

In some instances, we collaborate in an ongoing manner. However, Mind Commerce is also available for project-based ICT consulting.

Does your company have a project need, but not the right expertise?

If your company is not a direct competitor, and/or there are areas of synergy that we can leverage, we would like to hear from you.

More about Mind Commerce ICT Consulting Services

To learn more about our areas of expertise and what we can do for your company, we encourage you to read our blog, which is organized by topic area.

Also, view the Mind Commerce video in which we discuss the following:

  • The Information and Communications Technology marketplace is fast moving, continuously evolving, and transforming business across all industry verticals.
  • This poses a great challenge to business leaders who must make decisions about emerging and often disruptive technologies that present both threats and opportunities to corporate product and service offerings. Informed decision making requires market insights, qualitative analysis, and hard data.
  • Mind Commerce is your trusted source for strategic analysis, market insights, data, and forecasts. Our reports provide analysis and forecasts for networks, platforms, devices, apps, services, and related business opportunities.
  • Our research provides insights into the impact of emerging technologies on existing value chains including industry disruption and ecosystem evolution.
  • Our practice areas include Artificial Intelligence, Broadband Wireless, Cloud Solutions, Data and Analytics, and the Internet of Things.