Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings

Intelligent Buildings are Internet connected and rely upon IoT Technology to provide improvements over legacy commercial real estate such as enhanced efficiency, safeguarding assets, and other operational improvements.  Smart Buildings encompass central control of the vital systems that provide security, comfort and sanitation for its inhabitants. The discrete operations are integrated into a common network of control.  

Enterprise across a wide range of industry verticals benefit from Intelligent Facilities, as will certain services provider companies that manage large industrial facilities and equipment such as Drives, Pumps, Cooling Towers, and Compressors, which are all large, expensive, and utilize a lot of electricity. 

IoT will improve life cycle cost management for facilities and equipment through more intelligence utilization, maintenance, and predictive replacement.  In addition, Smart Buildings often represent a platform from which to establish new value-added services.

Many services rely upon Building Automation Software and are often provided on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis.  Software is typically tied into a Building Automation System, which provides a central point of control as well as a means of accessing analytics data.  Advanced systems also support Smart Workplace applications, services, and solutions.

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