Presence in Telecom and Computing


Presence is really not an application by itself but is rather an enabler of applications, adding value to them.

Mind Commerce defines presence information within a telecommunications context as the state of an object or device, status of attachment or engagement, device type, usage or activity, and coarse location information.

All of these attributes can be used to distinguish the presence of an entity or object. In telecommunications or computing an object or device can be many things including a PC or laptop, circuit-switched or IP-based phone, mobile/cellular phone, or other wireless device.

Key things to consider about presence context are:

  • Determining the status/state of an entity
  • General (not precise) location
  • What network, device, bearer, etc.
  • Activity, on/off, application, etc.

Presence data may come from many sources including applications, devices, networks, etc. Presence may be determined physically, but is often determined logically based various attributes such as state, attachment, usage, registration, etc.

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