Prepaid Communications, Content, and Commerce


Prepaid Accounts and Prepaid Cards are used for many purposes. One of the most well-known services is Prepaid Wireless, which relies heavily upon databases to store information about prepaid users.

Prepaid wireless technology solutions include Handset-based solutions, Service Node based solutions, and IN solutions.

All prepay applications have the same things in common in terms of functionality:

  • A database used to determine if a customer is a valid user and how much credit (typically measured in currency value, but may also be in airtime, number of bytes for prepay mobile data, and/or number of messages for SMS) they have on their account
  • A rating engine used to determine the rating of a call based on a combination of various factors such as incoming or outgoing call, destination number, destination location, calling party location, time of day, day of week, customer’s prepay plan, promotions, whether the call/session is voice or data oriented, and other factors
  • A mechanism to decrement the customer’s prepay account based on the rating of the call

Many functional elements are integrated to form a prepaid mobile communications system.

These functions include signaling, data transport, call control and processing, and data administration, storing and retrieval. These functional elements inter-work to form an overall solution including business support processes.

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