Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy at Mind Commerce

Mind Commerce always has and always will take privacy very seriously. This includes, but is not limited to, personal data obtained from website visitors and our clients. We use this personal data only for Mind Commerce business purposes and it is never shared with any third-party entity.

Use of Cookies

Mind Commerce uses cookies, which are used to provide a more convenient and user-friendly experience.

For example, registered clients need not log into the Mind Commerce client portal every time they visit our website. In another example, Mind Commerce uses cookies to identify those users that have opt-in to view third-party content from our website.

No personal information is stored in these cookies. Users may clear their Internet browser’s browsing history at any time to clear cookies. However, clearing cookies will cause Mind Commerce repeat clients to need to log back into their Client Account.

Use of Personal Data

Personal data collected by Mind Commerce is used for the following business purposes:

  • Provide a convenient and user-friendly website visitation experience
  • Support for client management and order processing including account set-up and report delivery

With the establishment of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules, Mind Commerce has instituted policies to address specific areas not previously required by law such as explicit opt-in to view third-party content from our website.

Personal Information Collected

Mind Commerce requests personal information on its website contact page and forms such as email addresses and phone numbers. Our contact forms require the user to explicitly provide an opt-in acknowledgment that personal information will be transmitted to Mind Commerce. The contact form will not allow transmission of information to Mind Commerce without the user explicitly opting to remit personal data.

This information is collected for Mind Commerce business purposes only. Mind Commerce does not share email addresses, phone numbers, or any other information submitted to us to any third party. Information collected is used only for opt-in based communication with website visitors. Mind Commerce uses such information for customer support only. For example, personal information is used to handle requests for additional information about our service offerings. Personal data is also used for order processing.

Client Management and Order Processing

Mind Commerce requests user information (such as name and email address) in support of client management and order processing. This information is used for establishing a Client Account as well as service order fulfillment.

Personal information to establish and maintain Client Accounts includes email address and phone number. Upon placing an order for a Mind Commerce service, such as a research report, personal information such as an email address, is often used to dispatch a research report to a client via email.

This information is also used for reasonable and necessary communications, such as reaching a user if there is trouble processing an order. In the event of an issue, contact information is used to reach the user to ensure customer satisfaction.

Third-Party Content and GDPR Compliance

In support of GDPR, Mind Commerce herby informs that this website occasionally presents content from 3rd-parties, including but not limited to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter. As a consequence of compliance, the Mind Commerce website user, must affirmatively approve and consent to sharing certain information with these 3rd-party content providers.

By checking any or all of the following check boxes, you are approving the sharing of information with these providers site wide for a period of 30-days, at which point you will be required to check the boxes again to continue your approval.

If you choose not to provide your approval and consent, certain website content will be blocked and no information will be shared.

Please check the boxes below for the content you wish to see on the website: