Robocall Technology

What is a Robocall? A robotic call (or “robocall”) is a telephonic communication instance in which a machine originates a voice call intended for a human being to answer. The machine in this case is a robocall technology platform consisting of hardware and software designed to automate call set-up in a manner in [...]

Unwanted Call Management Solutions

Big Unwanted Call Management Problem: Robocalls What is a Robocall? Originally coined from within the ICT industry to refer to a voice call that is initiated by a “bot”, the word “robocall” has achieved lexicon status with everyday phone users to refer to automated calls originated from a machine. These types of calls [...]

AI based Self-service Tools for Data Analytics Automation

The Role of Data Analytics Automation It is no secret that the world’s data is growing at an alarming rate. The role of analytics is to put this data into context and to ultimately transform data into useful information. In order to achieve and maintain data management scalability, there is a need for [...]

Dedicated IoT Networks

Dedicated IoT Network Core and Operating System at Sprint with Ericsson Sprint has just announced a deal with Ericsson to build and operate and dedicated core network for the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition to providing dedicated support for the company’s IoT applications and services, the platform will leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) [...]

Examining the General Artificial Intelligence Market

Narrow AI vs. General Artificial Intelligence Market The market for Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way in recent years, with some advancements very transparent to consumers (such as Amazon’s Alexa), and others not so obvious with many behind the scenes efforts by leading companies. What most have in common is [...]

Edge Computing Technology and Business Impacts, Challenges, and Opportunities

The evolution of cloud computing systems includes an expanded the role for computational infrastructure to encompass an increasing workload for edge computing equipment. This will especially be the case in Internet of Things (IoT) networks and systems as well as cellular communications networks. In the former, edge computing is sometimes referred to as Fog Computing, and in the latter, the term is Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), which is also known now as Multi-access Edge Computing to include means of access other than cellular such as WiFi and even some fixed network methods.

ICT Infrastructure and Services: Toll Free Calling

ICT database infrastructure is relied upon every time a person dials a toll-free number. For example, when someone dials the Mind Commerce number 877-646-3266, a telecom database is queried to allow switching systems to route the call. Information is sent from the database to the switch in response to the query to allow for call set-up with a different “routable” number that is associated with the toll-free number. This is necessary as switching networks do not recognize toll-free numbers as a number with a valid routing path.

ICT Infrastructure and Services: Packet Switching

A critical part of modern communications and commerce infrastructure, packet communications is used in everything from Web browsing to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as is the case with voice over 4G cellular networks with what is known as Voice over LTE (VoLTE). A form of packet switching is also used in communications networks for call-set up in legacy telecom networks via the Signaling System number Seven (SS7) protocol as well as in next generation network infrastructure such as IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) in the form of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Mind Commerce Market Research Resellers

Market Research Reseller Role What are Market Research Resellers? Some people use the term distributor as a market research reseller acts as a distribution channel for market research publishers. Some people use the term aggregator as a market research reseller also aggregates the research of many publishers into one convenient place for [...]

Welcome to the New Mind Commerce Blog

In conjunction with celebrating 20 years in the ICT research business, Mind Commerce is pleased to announce a new integrated blog as part of our new website. The new website is also part of a rebranding effort that includes evolution of our logo and a new color scheme for our company. Read our blog to learn more and peruse our website to find new informative and useful content.