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Wearable technology presents the potential for massive transformation in many industries. Wearable technology today represents an array of products including watches, wristbands, and various clothing items. New business models will develop that place wearable tech at the center of communications, applications, content, and commerce without the need for handheld devices of any type.

Wearable computing is one of the next frontiers in ICT and represents a substantial market opportunity for the semiconductor industry, consumer electronics companies, M2M companies, wireless communications companies, and next generation application developers. Mind Commerce sees the future encompassing new business models and use cases that will present both huge challenges and opportunities, which will test alliances between various entities in the value chain including network operators, component suppliers, application developers, and industry intermediaries.

Wearable Technology Solutions and Market Opportunities represents a subscription offering that provides the subscriber with the option to choose from existing syndicated reports and/or obtain future reports within a one year period. The subscription also has other advantages including custom research, advisory, and monthly updates.

Target Audience:

  • Augmented reality companies
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • Consumer electronics companies
  • Wearable technology developers
  • Embedded computing companies
  • Regulatory bodies and governments
  • Wireless service providers of all types
  • Software and wireless app developers
  • Cloud, Big Data and Analytics companies
  • Mobile marketing and commerce companies

What is Included with a Subscription:

Analyst time

Subscribers will receive advisory services about topics of interest. Subscribers may ask either general questions or specific questions relative to Wearable technologies, companies, market outlook, and forecasting. Analyst time will provide the client with timely information and key insights into the impact of developing trends, challenges and opportunities with emerging business models, and assessment of evolving and maturing technologies. We only apply Subject Matter Experts (SME) to your project that have real-world experience. We provide straightforward, unbiased views and advise for your business. We know that research by itself is critical, but often there is also a need for follow-up consultation and advisory services, which we offer to clients

Custom Research

Mind Commerce believes that the goal of every research project should to facilitate good decision making. We therefore focus on providing qualitative and quantitative analysis that helps our clients make decisions that help them save money, make optimal investments, and identify key trends and focus areas. Serious decision makers often require custom research reports to form business and/or technical opinions and before making important decisions about strategy, vendors, products or services. Mind Commerce will develop a custom report per your requirements, tailored to your specific business objectives. Note: The number of pages per custom report is 10, 25, 50, and 80 for Bundles One through Four respectively.

Monthly Updates

Subscribers will receive timely analysis and projections about the Wearable Tech market including, but not limited to, technology development, products and applications, product and company integration, current and potential mergers and acquisitions, and more. Monthly updated include Mind Commerce Analyst Notes, which represent reports focused on both analysis of the current state (of a technology, product, solution, etc.) as well as future prospects and direction, critical success factors, forecast, etc. These updates provide very insightful commentary/opinion focused on industry developments including, but not limited to, M&A activity, start-up company news including funding, major company announcements, new products, solutions, applications, and initiatives.

Table of Contents:

The subscriber may choose from the following reports*:

Wearable Gaming Companies, Devices, and Solutions: Market Outlook and Forecasts 2015 - 2020
Wearable Technology in Industry Verticals 2014 - 2019
Wearable Devices in Sports and Fitness 2014 - 2019
Wearable Technology in Mobile Advertising
Next Generation Wearable Technology Business Models, Applications, and User Experiences
Wearable Technology in Gaming 2014
Wearable Technologies in Clothing 2014 - 2019
Wearable Technology in Industry Verticals 2013-2018
Wearable Technology: Vendors and Solutions
Wearable Devices in Healthcare 2014 - 2020
Evolution of Augmented Reality, Wearable Wireless, and Body Area Networks
Wearable Computing Devices Market: Global Market Analysis and Forecast 2012 - 2017
Next Generation Wireless Devices: Market for Embedded Computing + M2M Solutions + Wearable Devices + Augmented Reality
Wearable Augmented Reality: Google Glasses and Beyond
Global Connected Consumer Wearable Devices: Market Analysis and Forecasts 2015 - 2020
Regulation and Policy for Wearable Augmented Reality

*Note: Mind Commerce is adding new Wearable Technology reports all the time. Check back for updates.


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