Virtual Personal Assistants

Virtual Personal Assistants

Virtual Private Assistants (VPA) represents Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisting in a virtual setting to improved people’s lives. Perhaps the best way to view the use and benefit of VPA is within a shopping context wherein the VPA will typically have built-in capabilities to understand the world of goods and services. VPA will then connected people’s demand and wants with that information through its in-built intelligent system. It will mainly work as gatekeeper between information or services and people.

VPA can create ambient user experience on top of offered services

VPA distribution channels include mobile handsets, hosted application on internet or enterprise platform. VPA channel partners include software developers, content aggregators, autonomous agents, mobile handset providers, and enterprise.

Mind Commerce sees becoming widespread to the point that they are embedded within most services.  The preferred user interface for many Internet and wireless apps will ultimately become integrated with smart advisors and rely upon next generation interactions such as Haptic UI and other dynamic and contextual actions and interfaces.

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