Order a Report from Mind Commerce Online

How to Order a Mind Commerce Report

To order a report, visit a specific report page such MVNO Business Plan, or visit the Mind Commerce Reports listing page.

Once on a specific report page, follow the instructions on that page to place an order.

Need Help Placing a Mind Commerce Report Order?

There three easy steps to order a Mind Commerce online from our website:

  1. Go to the report webpage and look for the Purchase Now area
  2. Click on License Level (Single User, Team, or Company)
  3. Complete the Order Page with credit card information

Step One

Locate the report page for the report you wish to purchase.

Each report page has a "Purchase Now" area.

The Purchase Now area has a drop-down box, allowing you to choose your desired License Level.

Click on the drop-down box to locate the License Level you require.


Completion of this step will take you to Step Two: Choose a License Level.


Step Two

Choose your desired License Level.  

Licensing rights to Mind Commerce publications are typically offered in three variations, Single-user License, Team License, and Company-wide License.

  • Single-user License: Provides the right for the purchaser or their designee to utilize a publication.
  • Team License: Provides the right for up to five (5) users.
  • Company-wide License: Provides the right for an entire company to store, read, and distribute a publication within its own business (including placement on corporate intranet), but not distribute outside the company or business entity.


Completion of this step will take you to Step 3: Credit card information page.

Step Three

You should now be at the Credit Card Input area.

Input your credit card information and click the "Proceed to Checkout" button.


Successful completion of this form and pressing the checkout button will cause your order to be placed with Mind Commerce.

Your report will subsequently be dispatched to you by Mind Commerce.

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