Licensing Information and Options

Licensing Disclosure

Licensing Rights and Privileges

Our publications represent client privileged information. No material in them may be stored, reproduced, distributed, in whole or in part, without prior written permission from Mind Commerce.

Licensing rights to Mind Commerce publications are typically offered in three variations, Single-user License, Team License, and Company-wide License.

  • Single-user License: Provides the right for the purchaser or their designee to utilize a publication.
  • Team License: Provides the right for up to five (5) users.
  • Company-wide License: Provides the right for an entire company to store, read, and distribute a publication within its own business (including placement on corporate intranet), but not distribute outside the company or business entity.

Additional rights, such as use within company documentation, including reports and white papers will be allowed on a per-request basis and must be authorized in writing.

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