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Knowledge Transfer Agents

Mind Commerce is all about data, insights, and ultimately knowledge transfer.  

ICT Network Architecture and Systems

Telecom and Computing networks are comprised of physical and logical elements, which are manifest in the architectures and systems that provide features, functionality, and capabilities necessary to provide modern communications, applications, digital content and commerce. Certain components and systems are foundational elements, supporting core services, whereas other elements provide value-added services (VAS) and/or enable VAS capabilities.

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Waves of Change in ICT: 5G, AI, and IoT

The information and communications technology arena is riding a venerable tsunami of change as fifth generation (5G) cellular, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things are poised to influence virtually every aspect of communications, applications, digital content and commerce. The convergence of all three areas will have a particularly significant impact upon consumer, enterprise, and industrial industry verticals to varying degrees and timing. 

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