Internet of Things Questions and Answers

IoT Q & A

In the interest of better understanding the Internet of Things, Mind Commerce provides some questions and answers about IoT:

  • What is the Purpose of IoT?  Our concise definition is " IoT is all about Consumer and Commercial Automation and Data Analytics "
  • How will IoT OSS scale? In our view: " IoT must have an easy, intuitive administrative system "
  • How will end-users control IoT?: " There is a need for an administrative interface for a 'Dashboard of Things' to control devices and program automatic interactions "
  • Related to Dashboard of Things, what is Ambient IoT?: “ Ambient IoT refers to a system that allows end-users to identify IoT devices and manage connection preferences.  Discoverability of IoT devices, sensors, and gateways will be a key component along with ability to determine what, when, and how connections and messaging will be allowed. " An important aspect will be If This Then That (IFTTT) for end-user IoT control “
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