IoT Devices

IoT Devices

The type and function of IoT Devices are many and varied, ranging from Consumer IoT Devices such as Virtual Personal Assistant user interfaces to various enterprise and industrial IoT sensors, actuators, gateways, and embedded hardware/software within products and assets.  

Many devices will be industry-specific such as those used in Connected Vehicles. The number and type of IoT devices, as well as the associated use cases for apps and services, grows exponentially across leading industry verticals such as Industrial IoT, Connected Manufacturing, Smart CitiesSmart Buildings, Smart Homes, and the Smart Workplace.

One of the critical success factors for IoT Operations will be certain Operational Support Systems (OSS) for IoT Device Management, which encompasses device provisioning, administration, monitoring, and diagnostics important for trouble replication and corrective measures.

Important IoT Device Management functions include Enrollment/Provisioning, Configuration/Association, Software Updates, and overall Management and Control. As IoT systems and networks grow in complexity and importance, there will be an increasingly urgent need within enterprise for IoT device management platforms and software.

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