Data as a Service

Data as a Service

Data as a Service (DaaS) is defined as any service offered wherein users can access vendor provided databases or host their own databases on vendor managed systems. DaaS is expected to grow significantly in the near future due to a few dominant themes including cloud-based infrastructure/services, enterprise data syndication, and the consumer services trend towards Everything as a Service (XaaS).

In addition, vendor managed systems provide necessary scalability and security for sustainable services execution. The DaaS market is expected to continue to expand alongside the Cloud Computing services model over the next decade.

Communication Service Providers (CSP) are facing profound changes to their business due to many factors including diminished margins for core services, competition from Over-the-Top (OTT) players, and structural changes such as integration of Big Data Analytics and IoT Technology.  Accordingly, CSPs are seeking new revenues sources and revenue models.  Telecom Data as a Service (TDaaS) is one of those new models in which CSPs offer DaaS to various third-party businesses on an anonymized basis.  

IoT Data as a Service (IoTDaaS) offers convenient and cost effective solutions to enterprises of various sizes and domain. IoTDaaS constitutes retrieving, storing and analyzing information and provide customer either of the three or integrated service package depending on the budget and the requirement.

It is important to note that IoT DaaS is not limited to traditional telecom service providers.  For example, various non-cellular IoT WAN providers may offer IoT Data and IoT Data Management services.

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